That's the question I asked myself when I first heard the term "Noodle Board" from my mom's friend. 

Me: "What is a noodle board?"

Friend: "You know. It's a board you put over your stove so you have more room to work."

Me" "But why a noodle board?"

Friend: "Oh I have no idea."

Well I had to do some research. Sounds like a giant cutting board. I thought it was a good idea and something I could build. Who doesn't want more counter space to work? 

But again, why a "noodle board"? Well I found the answer. It's what you would think it is. A big board for making noodles. The name comes from when noodles were made by hand and cut with a knife. You would need a giant board to place the dough and work it. The board can also be used to place the noodles on to dry. I alwyas thought you hang noodles to dry but I don't see why placing them on a noodle board to dry wouldn't work as well.

Another use for a noodle board can be as a kneeding board. The size keeps the flour from going all over the kitchen. So maybe a "bread board" in this case.

The noodle boards I make are useful but also decorative. I noticed many of the stove cover boards on Etsy are rustic style with handles. That's not my aesthetic preference so I wanted to try a flat board with decorative designs using various hard woods like Cherry, Walnut, and Maple.

So far my approach has worked out well and I get orders from all over the country.